Dervac Technologies has a versatile strength in the implementation and supports of computer networks, System integration and integrated networking solutions in the Local Area, Wide Area and Enterprise environments. As an end-to-end systems integrator, Dervac Technologies Solutions employ its wealth of technical experience in the design, implementation and project management of Local Area Networks (LANs), Network Re-engineering, Wide Area Networks (WANs), LAN and WAN Switching and Virtual Private Networks. 

We set up, test, and evaluate systems such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the Internet, intranets, and other data communications systems. Our Network architects and engineers perform network modeling, analysis, and planning, which often require both hardware and software solutions. Our footprints with some of clients remain indelible.  

Need to support business growth and support innovation with reliable and optimised WANs, LANs and managed network services? Creating a network infrastructure that gives you the availability, scalability and security to let your business move in any direction fast?


Our expert consultants and engineers can help you build and maintain the networks that you need - all delivered cost-effectively. From business case through implementation and integration to support, we'll help you build and optimise your WANs and LANs, unified communications systems and more to enable improved collaboration and business continuity.


Our Network services and support customers include BT, City Sprint, DFS, Manchester Airport, Transdev, Radicon, Phones4U and Havering College.


Improve business performance with a flexible, fully supported network infrastructure


Network Design

We can help with every aspect of connecting, securing and managing your network technology - however diverse - to achieve maximum performance and resilience. We'll start with a network review and make sure we understand your objectives. Then we'll use clear, reliable methods, such as baseline and hotspot audits, to identify issues and apply intelligent best-fit solutions to underpin, fix, integrate, upgrade or refresh your environment. Our in-depth consultancy skills cover any mixed vendor network integration requirements. We understand and respect sensitive trust and access issues in situations such as joining discrete network together, and we specialise in enabling different vendor products to work together effectively.


Communications Projects

Network projects come in many guises, and we have the skilled professional services and engineering teams to ensure success. Whether you're introducing unified communications, installing a wireless network, moving to IP telephony, updating one part of your network infrastructure or working on any area of your organisational communications, we can help from design to installation and support.


Field Engineering (Onsite Support)

As well as managed network services and proactive monitoring, we provide reliable hardware/fix services for fast resolution of incidents and completion of maintenance tasks. We have one of the UK's largest independent engineering forces, and 1,300 technical staff delivering service 24/7 across the country.


We can base one of our engineers on your premises, giving you completely dedicated support. Or you can choose to share an engineer locally with other Phoenix customers.



We only ever use vendor-approved parts, driven by our vendor accreditations and authorised service partnerships.